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There are several things that go into restaurant equipment services; in addition to food services such as catering and food preparation, equipment services can include general contractors, custom fabrication, and equipment installation and repairs. So the million dollar question is: How does a restaurant owner go about finding all of the services he or she may need – without wasting both time and money? Fortunately, finding equipment services the old-fashioned way is no longer necessary; today, you can find all of your restaurant equipment services from

Shopping online is one of the best inventions of this generation, simple because you can do it from the courtesy of your couch. Anything from a weed whacker to a custom pizza can be ordered online and promptly delivered to your door. For restaurant owners or potential owners, this widens the horizon of finding used restaurant equipment and services considerably. It’s no longer necessary to drive around town for hours trying to locate everything you need – it can all be found, online, with the click of your mouse.

Finding all of the restaurant equipment services you need without ever leaving the couch means that you’ll spend less time wasting gas and money, and more time taking advantage of the services you just found online. If you’re not sure where to find these kinds of services, then check out a used restaurant equipment directory. Often, these kinds of directories also list services – in your area! Don’t let the broken double-oven in your restaurant keep customers away. Find a restaurant service equipment directory and click through their listings today.

Refrigerators are extremely important in the restaurant business – which means that most restaurants need at least a few to remain running. In conjunction with these, refrigerators also need consistent maintenance; if your fridge is too low, you’re going to spoil anything within its confines. But if it’s too cold, you’re going to need a few extra hours to thaw items out. It’s easier and more cost-effective to look for a local refrigeration service on . Sooner than you know it, you’re have a fully-functioning fridge.

The bottom line here is this: Finding equipment services for your restaurant may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. By simply checking out services directory, you can find everything you need within minutes. Don’t let your equipment perform at sub-par – check out a listing today.

Restaurant Equipment to Improve the Bottom Line

Starting a new restaurant requires a lot of planning. You need to work out a number of things such as space and restaurant equipment before you can start working on opening a restaurant. You have to think about the target market, location, type of ownership and the most important your budget.

You will need a wide range of commercial restaurant equipment installed before you can start operations. The commercial restaurant equipment would depend largely on what kind of food you are planning to serve in your restaurant. The best of chefs cant work with bad commercial restaurant equipment or wrong equipment.

Commercial restaurant equipment is expected to deal with large quantities of food; also it needs to be dependable and cost effective.

Plan every commercial restaurant equipment that you may need, work out your budgets and choose carefully, before you take the plunge.

Bakery Equipment
This is important commercial restaurant equipment that you will need. Always choose a product that will complement your restaurant. Also ensure a 24 hour after sales service so that you are never stranded with faulty equipment.

Coffee Machines
Research the various types of coffee machines available in the market. Choose the one you want for your restaurant. Be it a bean to cup automatic coffee maker or the traditional manual espresso machine. The choice of this restaurant equipment is entirely up to your budget. Do keep in mind that the equipment you choose is easily serviceable causing no hiccups in your work.

Commercial Dishwasher
This piece of commercial restaurant equipment eliminates the drudgery of manual cleaning of vessels. Decide depending upon budget, space and also the load capacity of the machine

Commercial Freezers
This is an essential piece of restaurant equipment without which you cannot hope to run a restaurant. There are two types of freezers available one the chest freezer and another upright freezer. The chest freezer is more efficient and cost effective, but occupies precious floor space.

Commercial Fryers
Deep fryers are an essential piece of restaurant equipment to cook food like chicken, potatoes, fish etc. Also useful for quick cooking of frozen foods. It is an useful restaurant equipment as it can cook large quantities of food continuously.

Commercial Ice Makers
One cannot imagine a restaurant without an ice making machine. Choose your ice maker depending upon the space you have, the quantity of ice required to run operations smoothly, the type of ice you need cube, flakes, nuggets or contour ice and ofcourse your budget.

Commercial Juicers and Mixers
There are three main types of juicers available in the market. They are citrus juicers for citrus fruits like oranges, wheatgrass juicers for leafy vegetables, soft fruits and wheat grass too and multi purpose juicers.

The two main types of mixers available are the hand mixer and the stand alone mixers. They are both useful and cover a wide range of activities.

Commercial Ovens
A restaurant needs this equipment to run its basic functioning. Many types of commercial ovens are available to choose from. You can choose from the conventional oven, convection oven, conveyor oven, brick oven, pizza ovens and even micro wave ovens.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment That You Can Not Do Without

When you own a business such as a restaurant or a bar, there are various items of commercial restaurant equipment that you will need in order to be able to run your restaurant and kitchen efficiently and there are definitely some pieces of commercial restaurant equipment that you cannot do without.

It is possible to purchase commercial restaurant equipment online and it can be shipped to you quickly and efficiently with low cost. There are many different websites which offer this brilliant service for various pieces of restaurant equipment and they are easy to find by typing a search into a search engine.

Types of commercial restaurant equipment that you will need include for the kitchen:

Ice makers and ice machines are an important piece of restaurant equipment because every restaurant needs ice for its customers.

Refrigerators- are a number one must piece of restaurant equipment because without a refrigeration system you would not be able to store fresh food, this is the same of freezer systems.

Microwaves, broilers, grills, ovens and dishwashers are pieces of equipment that you definitely need when trying to run a successful restaurant or food related business. As well as the main equipment for the kitchen, other restaurant equipment that you can expect to need include in door and outdoor furniture, cutlery and china, and glasses and cups.

Other various pieces of restaurant equipment that you will need for your business include small things such as aprons, mixers, hot plates, food preparation tables, hood systems, sinks, tables, shelves, slicers

It is possible to find all of these various pieces of commercial restaurant equipment all in once place. There are dozens of businesses on the internet which offer this type of equipment, as well as businesses which will have all of this equipment all under one roof to make it easier and cheaper for you to get everything you need for your business. You might also find that if you buy in bulk you restaurant equipment, you might save yourself money on handling charges as well as the items themselves which is brilliant for your pocket!

Commercial restaurant equipment varies in type, size and price. But from the most important piece of equipment such as the cooker, to the potato peeler- every piece of restaurant equipment is important and necessary in order to run a successful business. So if you are looking for various pieces of restaurant equipment including peelers, ladles, soup warmers, toasters, fridges, tables, chairs, bar stool and more, it is time to do some research and get on the internet to find where you can get the best deal to help you to save money and make sure that you get the best equipment available.

It is also important to remember that you should try to purchase the best restaurant equipment in order to make sure that it lasts for longer and in turn saves you money and does the best job possible. If you want to find out more information on where to find various pieces of restaurant equipment then check out your local yellow or white pages.

New Brand name Restaurant Equipment Does Make a Difference

Restaurant equipment is the life blood of a restaurant regardless of its location, its size and the type of cuisine it serves. You may have commissioned the city’s most reputable architectural and interior design firms to bring to life your restaurant’s look and ambience. However if your restaurant equipment doesn’t hold up especially during peak rush hour times, trying to survive in a highly competitive industry; with nearly a million restaurants in the US alone, will be a major challenge. We recommend that you go into the restaurant business only when you have the requisite financing in place to purchase new, good quality, brand name restaurant equipment.

Why Invest in Brand Name Restaurant Equipment?

Brand recognition, brand value and brand equity aside, the most important reason a restaurant should invest in the best is because you can’t afford to take chances with your guests in the same way in which hospital emergency rooms can’t take a chance with their patients. Hospitals typically invest in the best quality technology and equipment money can buy simply because there isn’t any room for error. Similarly, in the restaurant industry, a disgruntled customer is a permanently lost customer who won’t return to your restaurant again and will ardently share the bad experience they had at your restaurant with ten other friends and business associates. You can surely do with out the negative publicity this will generate. Success in the restaurant business is predicated on customer loyalty and sustained repeat business. Here are a few concrete reasons why you should budget for new, brand name, restaurant equipment when planning your restaurant.

The Latest Technologies

When you acquire new commercial food preparation equipment, you are investing in the latest technology available. This may include innovations in quality, design, performance, safety and flexibility. Although the pace of technology never tends to cease, you have the distinct advantage and benefit of being able to use the most current technologies for at least some time while serving your restaurant patrons.

The Durability and Sturdiness of Restaurant Equipment

Many brand name companies like True Refrigeration, Globe, Vulcan Hart and KitchenAid have developed a global reputation for the quality of their products. With such a track record, the benefits are sure to pass along to you and your restaurant in the form of uninterrupted service, minimal repair costs and consistent, high performance.

Going Green all the Way

Many brand name manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment have introduced eco friendly products that are energy efficient and use reduced quantities of natural resources like water. When purchasing food service equipment from leading companies, be sure to look for the Energy Star logo, which is a hallmark of ergonomic design and energy efficiency. Manufacturers also provide detailed information on how to optimize their products from an ecological perspective.

The Warranty Factor

All new brand name restaurant equipment is covered by manufacturer warranties, many of which are extendable for up to five years. Your initial investment will be higher than what you would have made if you had purchased used or new, non-branded equipment. However, anxiety levels with respect to possible breakdowns will be considerably lower. You can now focus on your core business rather than face distractions from equipment malfunctions or even failures.

Many More Financing Options

Commercial finance companies are more open to the idea of financing new brand name restaurant equipment as opposed to used equipment. Even the terms set by lenders are more favorable. In some cases, manufacturers can arrange financing for their products. Financing a part of your restaurant equipment can free up those much-needed funds required for operating capital.

Code Compliance

New brand name restaurant equipment is typically code compliant because they are designed and manufactured with city and fire codes in mind. Used restaurant equipment may not be able to fulfill these prerequisites at all times.


Manufacturers of brand name restaurant equipment have a track record and reputation to protect. Therefore, chances are that you will not be disappointed when you invest in quality brand names. We can certainly help you pick out the commercial food service equipment and supplies you will need to get started. Proper advance planning will allow you to focus on your customers, your cuisine and the overall dining experience you are intent on creating for your customers.