About Us

Salem Restaurant Equipment
3224 Pringle Road SE, Suite 120
Salem, OR97302
(503) 581-4169
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                     Saturday 10am-5pm
                                     Closed Sunday

Who Is Salem Restaurant Equipment?

Salem Restaurant Equipment operates as a division of Kleen Solutions, Inc., based out of Halsey, Oregon.  

Kleen Solutions sells and leases commercial dishwashers along with a large variety of warewashing and cleaning products.   The company is well-known and respected for providing excellent service and quality products at a fair price.

The focus of SRE is to support and augment the service that Kleen Solutions currently provides its Oregon customers. SRE sells both new and used commercial restaurant equipment, smallwares, parts, and supplies. In addition, we are always looking for equipment to place in our inventory, whether through purchase, trade, or consignment.

Salem Restaurant Equipment has served the needs of Oregonian restaurants for the past 13 years.

Who Are The Owners?

Salem Restaurant Equipment is owned by Dean Stockwell - his wife, Jennifer and his daughter, Amanda.

Dean has been involved in the restaurant industry since 1991 when he founded Kleen Solutions along with his brother.  His sales, service, and management experience anchors our team.

Jennifer has worked for numerous mid-size companies in the field of accounting & finance at various levels throughout her career.  Her accounting knowledge and back office skills are vital to our success.

Amanda has significant customer service experience in the restaurant industry and brings a fresh outlook and perspective to the overall growth and development of SRE.

As new owners of this business, it is important that we continue the tradition set forth by its original owners, Richard and Cindy Pressley, and provide quality service and exceptional value to our clients across the State of Oregon.